1. I remember the day I took Weenie home with me. She settled in almost immediately, cuddled up, & adored kisses. She’s happy in her new home now, which is just as good.

  2. My first car! It’s too bad I can’t drive. :I

  3. I live here. :)

  4. lookin like another planet

  5. Just a few more days til I’m out of here & all this stress will be history.

  6. Bonedigger & Wulf

  7. thevintageloser:

    Get the look - now 50% Off.

    Seriously though, this stuff needs to go.

  9. She has the entire bed to herself & she never fails to choose to whop on something.


  10. cutlaska:

    Iv’e been wanting to do something like this for a while and finally can so yeah, I’m giving away some prints.


    Just reblog this post and I’ll choose the winners randomly! In three weeks I’ll announce who’s getting what.

    Every 30 reblogs I’ll throw in another print to give…

    Have you guys ever heard of Carrion? He’s one of the dudes that inspired me to be a pixel artist, not to mention that he’s a pretty rad guy. <3

  11. One week left before I move. I’m not never ready to give up my 13lb baby.

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  12. Lobster hash, flash fried apple cider french toast, fresh wheat spaghetti & bacon, & steak & eggs for Sunday brunch.

  13. Sunda Sundae: avocado, taro, & mango ice cream served with lychee, jackfruit, & berries. c:

  14. :) “bitch”

  15. thevintageloser:

    New design. :)

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