1. My obsession with claw machines is bad, but I totally nailed it this time. Got a cute tiny Halloween bear! 🐻

  2. tbt to my little roundie that I miss more than anything.

  3. Food baby for days.

  4. Potluck was an absolute success. Thanks for everyone who showed up & contributed, the food was so delicious! 🍴🍴🍴

  5. Magic.

  6. Hold Still

    // prints coming soon

  7. Went outside last night to find this little booger all comfy.

  8. I’m so happy right now. 🍰💕

  9. I found the cutest strawberry last night.

  10. tbt to when this qt π wanted to be part of the circle.

    photo by @kaylarosesaintclare

  11. So pretty. 🌸

  12. I wish the place I loved didn’t remind me of heartbreak & loneliness. I really miss this city.

  13. Made some fat stax this morning.

  15. Nothing cheers me up like a Chipotle steak burrito.